Volume Advanced Course

Volume eyelash extension

Course price : $670

Approximately 5 hours

This is a private 1:1 training course. This course is designed for experienced and certified classic lash technicians. Volume lash extensions consist of our revolutionary lashing technique where you will learn how to apply up to 5 with ultra fine single extensions to one single eyelash creating a look that is full of volume that won’t damage or harm your clients natural lashes. This creates a voluminous and fuller look. With volume lash extensions you can create various styles that offer more volume than classic lash extensions, using various curls, thicknesses and lengths to suit your natural lashes

Training Course Outline:

  • Education on Eyelashes
  • Health & Safety
  • Products & Tools
  • Work Area Preparation
  • Client Consultation & Preparation
  • Types of eyelash extensions ( length, curl and thickness )
  • Lash styles
  • Application of Eyelash Extensions
  • Fan placement
  • Practice on Mannequin Head
  • After care
  • Removal and refill
  • How to price your service
  • Marketing your business

Eyelash Kit 

  • A mixed length volume lash tray
  • Medical tape
  • Volume tweezer
  • Isolation tweezer
  • Adhesive
  • Mascara brushes
  • Jade stone
  • Lint-free Eyelashes Under Patch Pad