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Know About Eyelash Extensions

Are you tires of fake, unnatural looking false eyelashes done by inexperienced “professionals”?

When you get your eyelashes done by Lashes by Tiana, each lash is applied INDIVIDUALLY by hand, resulting in the FULLEST, most NATURAL LOOKING eyelashes that stay on TWICE as long as normal false eyelashes, saving you TIME and MONEY.


Lashes extension styles

Cat eye draws the eye out with length at the ends making the eye look more almond shaped. Doll eye puts the majority of length in the middle where it opens up the eye to make it look larger, and often looks the most natural. Dramatic leaves lots of length throughout for a more obvious look.


Services Offered

-UNLIMITED COUNT Premium Mink Eyelashes imported directly from Japan, ensuring the highest quality standards safe for your eyes.

- Each set includes 4 to 6 lengths to ensure a CUSTOM TAILORED design made specifically to suit your beautiful eyes.

- FREE after care kit and how to take care of your lashes to make them last TWICE as long ($95 Value)

- Satisfaction guaranteed.